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Daniel Estrada is a young farmer of 36 years old,  who stated to be in love with the soil at early age. A father to two young children his faith in GOD has not diminished after been hit by two huracanes.  His Passion Fruit farm was completely destroyed. Please click on the link to see before maria. 
Click the photo on left to see video.
Stephanie Rodriguez Ocasio is a 28 years old young woman who at one time had 3 farms. Today she cares for one due to the devastation of Irma and Maria. She is also a teacher with great passion for the two professions she executes. Her needs are many and she is another government casualty. 

I want to explain my situation after Hurricane Maria.
My name is Ana Evelyn Troche and for 27 years I work in my farm in San German, PR. We plant coffee and the last 9 years we are working with hydroponic with cilantro and different kinds of lettuce. I come from family that her live was vinculated to agriculture too. The name of my business is Hortalizas Hidroponicas del Oeste, Inc. We have 7 greenhouses with hydroponics and coffee in the rest of the farm. Our product is sale in supermarkets, restaurants and ecological markets. Ana E. Troche has 3 children’s and I’m a passionate farmer, after the hurricane Maria everything change. We lost 12,000 feet of my greenhouse and the coffee plants was devastated, but I we want to continue with what I love. For that reason we need help if any grant is available, and that will help
us grow one more time. For this reconstruction we need to built 12,000 feet of greenhouse that could resist a hurricane of 200 mile or more (this is a structure with the strength for that) with submersible water pump, water tank for hydroponic 200 gal.. if we have the tools we can go on with this and continue with my business.
Ana Evelyn Troche

Puerto Rican farmers have experienced a set-back of 5-10 years and need our help!

On September 20-21, 2017, my birth place and that of 5 million other Puerto Ricans was destroyed by Hurricane Maria. Maria further devastated the island following Hurricane Irma two weeks before. There are three million Puerto Ricans living on the island that are suffering from a lack of power, water, and resources. 

The island’s agricultural community in particular, has been decimated with an estimated destruction of 80 % (percent) of Puerto Rico’s crops an estimated $780 million dollars in damages. In the past 12 years, the Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Florida, has been dedicated to developing the export of products from small agricultural farms in Puerto Rico, to Florida. After Maria’s tragic aftermath, we are now mobilizing to help those same farmers. 

We have established an Agriculture Farm Fund with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the farmers.  

Our goal is to raise one million dollars to aid our farmers, by April 30th, 2019.  
One year later, we hope to take a group of donors to tour the farms and view the progress. 
Our focus is to have stateside farmers, agricultural suppliers, and nurseries donate fully grown fruits trees, coffee, 
bananas, plantain, pineapple, mangos, passion fruit, and much more to jump-start the rehabilitation of the farms.

Please contribute to those who are in real needs.