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The Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Florida has been a maverick advocating for Domestic Trade between Florida and Puerto Rico since 2008. Two of our missions are promoting funding and providing seeds to our small farmers in Puerto Rico. PRCC of Florida is a unique chamber (501 (c) (3) focused on increasing commercial trade between both regions. To do this, PRCCF works directly with businesses, individuals, and organizations, to accomplish the following goals:  

Advocate for small farmers devastated by Irma and Maria, many who continue living with sporadic water and energy, making their progress limited. 

We have served 140 small farmers with seeds and 50 with small grants, many of them are doing great in many areas. 

Our upcoming event at DoubleTree Hotel Cypress Tampa on Nov. 15, 2019 we will be honoring small farmers who have become Mavericks in the farming industry and remembering the 526 years of discovery of Puerto Rico. 

Our Fundraising on Nov. 15th 2019 will be dedicated to providing solar energy to the mountainous areas for those who are passionate about farming. 

We are reaching out to you to become a partner (sponsor) on Nov. 15th 2019 in Tampa. Your participation and generosity are of great value and pride as we help those who are in true need. 

Do you know where the produce on our grocery shelves come from? Did you know that Puerto Rican products are cultivated in the most fertile land in the world and are USDA approved? 

On February 3rd 2018, at the University of Utuado , Puerto Rico 25 small farmers received mini-grants and seeds. We also had present Elda Deverie from Bags of Love and USDA Carlos Suarez with many other caring people. That was the first help the farmers had received. Making the first delivery of seeds and funding from org. outside of the island. 
March 3, 2018 second mission, we served 25 small farmers with funding and seeds, and 10 with seeds.  until now the small funding and seeds has given many a new start. The majority of them are young farmers trained in new method in agriculture. 
February 3, 2018,  20 small farmers received seeds and funding making the initiative the first one in Puerto Rico. Since they other has taken mission to help the island due to an ineffective government. 
Puertoricans in the main land are doing the heavy lift. The mission continues to protect the small farmers. 

 Nov. 15, 2019 

13 Puerto Rican Small Farmers were honored with the Phoenix Award Dinner fundraising for Solar Energy. 
With the instability in Puerto Rico caused by the corruption in govement, our small farmers depend on direct help, to maintain their farms. Their dreams to be able to export to the Florida I-4 Corridor. Many of them have overcome obstacles such s devastating storms as well as lack of electricity and water. Lets help remove these obstacles by providing much needed Solar Power and seeds. 

​Ana Evelyn Troche 
And her husband Jose Negron were one of the few who during Maria had a few solar panels, and the only one to save a little of her business.
Carlos, Roy & Francisco 
Tierra Mia Farms is a small farm in which the young trio has implemented amazing practices to make them a phenomenal farm.
Stephany Rodriguez 
Farm La Agricultora a true young farmer who has done extraordinary advances with no help from the outside, except from the help received from PRCC of Fla.
Mariano Robledo 
Puerto Rico Bamboo a Veteran with an Amazing farm, producing the best product which is more durable than concrete or wood.
Sandra & Israel Gonzalez
 Sandras Farm are the leaders in making coffee an exiting experience, from Chocolate with bean of coffee, to adding Turmeric.
Luis Montalvo 
A proud Veteran who's farm produces some of the best beef on the island. He is an renovator and passionate for his farm.
Lourdes Perez 
A farmer who has done not just produce on her farm but also building a community in giving services to others less fortunate
Krys Rodriguez 
A Veteran with a knack for the most Gorgeous exotic flowers in the island, making her very unique farmer. 
Josie Pagan, Ago-Mujer
 Founder and leader of a very unique and successful organization dedicated to women in agriculture, has help hundreds of women to become owners of their destinies. 
Ana & Ivan Ortiz 
Eco-Parque Del Tanama a blessed farm where Heaven and Earth kisses, the farm is an eco farm including Tilapia  and cabins.
Frankie Gonzalez 
A very gifted young man who has done amazing business deals with no money, and producing some of the best coffees in the island. 
Efrain Marte Perez 
A young father who has managed to connects with small supermarkets and makes daily deliveries. Helping small families and supermarkets with 100% organic products.
Angel Cajiga
Magic Coffee a real Maverick, 
with 35 small packages of seeds 
and $400.00 by PRCC of Fla. He 
has manage to have 10,000 Turmeric Plants and 3,000 watercress nuts.
Why our Puerto Rico Small Farmers need https://smartflower.com/commercial

Take a good look and convinced yourself.