Women who reside in the U.S. but were born on the island have been shown to have a mixture of 50 percent European, 30 percent West African, and 20 percent Native American. The perfect human is believed to have existed, and it could’ve been Yuiza (Loiza), a Taina woman who became the only female Cacique (chief) of her tribe in Puerto Rico’s history. This suggests to collect all the “good” alleles it is necessary to be admixed, but this itself is not sufficient for perfection, according to Pachter.

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Elizabeth Cuevas-Neunder, Founder / CEO, has been a maverick in championing small business and exportation between Florida & Puerto Rico. With a very large number of Puerto Rican consumers in Florida who have a hunger for products from the island, it is no wonder that many Spanish speaking Americans in the state of Florida are depending of her efforts. 
Thanks to a small dynamic board of directors they have accomplished more than any large Chamber of Commerce in the short time since inception. Her diversity; from international modeling, TV Programming, non-profit organizations, and helping others be masters of their own destiny are a few of the talents. Her slogan  That is why the Mission of the Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Florida is "Puerto Rico Discovers Florida Again" On April 11, 2013, Cuevas Neunder was be honored with 16 other women in "Florida as Most Powerful and Influential Women", "2014 Top Ranked US Executives by National Council of American Executives" in addition Elizabeth Cuevas Neunder is the first Puerto Rican in the nation to run for governor and the first Spanish Speaking American Woman in Florida.