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PRCC of Fla is the only chamber dedicated to small farmers. With the devastation of the 2017 hurricane. Puerto Rico lost 95% if its agriculture. Due to severe issues with water and electricity the gov't has withheld these vital resources from the farmers. In some areas causing the loss of 2018 crops. Our mission is to supply seeds and to assist the farmers to obtain solar energy. Please help our farmers to feed the citizens of Puerto Rico 100% of funding goes directly to the hardworking farmers. 
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EIN: 65-106535
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On December 13, 2019, our Chamber recived one million dollars contribution in technology for 100  small farmers in Puerto Rico by Organic Earth Tech. 
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Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Florida Inc ,is the voice of Puerto Rican export agricultural small businesses into Florida. As the voice of small Puerto Rico export businesses, the Chamber's core purpose is to defend our domestic enterprises We urge you to advocate for Puerto Rican products in Florida, and Florida in Puerto Rico.
501 (c) (3)Non for profit org.
EIN # 65-1065355
Our Small Farmers waiting to be rescue by https://smartflower.com/