Welcome to the Puerto Rican 
Chamber of Commerce of Florida! 


Puerto Rican farmers have experienced a set-back of 5-10 years and need our help!

On September 20-21, 2017 my birth place and that of 5 million other Puerto Ricans was destroyed by hurricane Maria, further devastating the island after hurricane Irma two weeks before. Three million in Puerto Ricans living on the island are suffering from a lack of power, water, and resources. 

The island’s agriculture community, in particular, has been decimated, with an estimated destruction of 80 percent of Puerto Rico’s crops - roughly $780 million in damage. For the past 12 years, the Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Florida has been devoted to developing the export of products from small agricultural farms in Puerto Rico. After Maria’s tragic aftermath, we are now mobilizing to help those same farmers. 

We have established an Agriculture Farm Fund to aid our farmers, 100% of the collected donations go to the farmers.  
Our goal is to raise one million dollars to go direct to our farmers.  
One year later, we hope to take a group of donors to tour the farms and see the progress made.  
We are focusing on stateside farmers, agricultural suppliers, and nurseries to donate fully grown fruits trees, coffee, bananas, plantain and much more to jump-start the rehabilitation of the farms.

                    Contact us: (941)504-9877    

             Email:  PuertoRicanChamberofFlorida@gmail.com 

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